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May 2019 г

New location in Poland

We have great news. We have launched a new location in Europe.

And it is located in Poland, the city of Gdansk in the Artnet data processing center. This location has excellent connectivity with nearby countries. And perfect for projects aimed at Europe and the near abroad.

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December 2018 г

Happy New Year 2019!

On behalf of the whole team, we congratulate you on the upcoming holidays and the New Year 2019! We wish you success in business! Excellent results in the new year! Happiness and good health!

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December 2018 г

New location in Prague

After a long lull, we want to inform you that we have launched a new location in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The location is remarkable for its geographical location, which provides excellent connectivity with all major traffic exchange points.   More >

September 2018 г

Autumn 2018

After resting after the summer heat, we want to report on a new traditionally-autumn action.

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July 2018 г

Summer 2k18

Most holiday season is in full swing, but many continue to work hard. For this those who vacation only dream I want to please special offers on VDS and dedicated servers.   More >

June 2018 г

Proxy Telegram

As part of the "Digital resistance" we support digital freedom and for our customers and all comers, open a free proxy server for Telegram.   More >

April 2018 г

Spring promo

Do not miss your chance. Spring offer from ISPLevel.   More >

March 2018 г

Looking Glass - service for checking the network settings of servers

For the convenience of choosing a server when ordering, we run Looking Glass service   More >

January 2018 г

Two new locations and promo 1+1

Finally, in our latitudes, it's something like winter, and we hasten to warm You a new portion of news. We have launched two more locations for services VDS, but all in good time.   More >

November 2017 г

Black Friday 2017

Today is "Black Friday" and especially the beginning of sales season we have prepared an interesting offer which is valid for both existing and new customers.   More >

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