Company news ISPLevel

July 2017 г

The hot summer of 2017 -25% on VDS

Summer - time for vacation and high costs. For this we give You 25% discount for VPS services until the end of Summer!   More >

July 2017 г

Change of tariffs

Dear customers, I want to announce the introduction of new tariffs for services of virtual dedicated servers (VDS). At all rates we increased the memory allocation (RAM) in order for All components servers have enough memory even without fine optimization. And also increased the number of cores for even faster multi-threaded work.   More >

June 2017 г

Prices on software ISPsystem

From the latest news. We have reached a final partnership agreement with ISPSystem and significantly reduced the price of control panel to our clients. Now when you order a VDS you can buy the control panel server at the following prices.   More >

April 2017 г

Spring discounts on VDS in Ukarine -20%

So ended the first month of spring, but the weather does not hurry to please us with the warm days. That's why we want to fix this bug and keep You warm spring discounted services the VDS in Ukraine. And so with April 1 to may 31 2017 when buying VDS in Ukraine You can get 20% discount since the VDS Level 2 and above.   More >

February 2017 г

Invite a friend

Something we've been silent, working hard. And today, we are launching the first from the beginning of year promotional campaign - "Bring a friend".   More >

January 2017 г

Получи панель управления ISPmanager 5 бесплатно!

Over the Christmas holidays, back to work, and we have a holiday has just begun!
We, together with the ISPsystem company will announce on the launch promotion
  More >

January 2017 г

С Новым 2017 годом!

happy New year!

On behalf of the company we wish You stable links does not kill the servers the same good health! Only joy in life. And success in 2017. Comfort and love!
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December 2016 г

Accept Bitcoin

I hasten to inform You that starting today our company is quite popular decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin. When ordering services, you need to select the same payment method Bitcoin. As before we try to develop for You.   More >

November 2016 г

Black Friday 2016

On the occasion of the celebration of one of the most anticipated sales of the year under name Black Friday. Our company also decided to participate in the sale and offer VDS based on KVM virtualization and SSDS in Ukraine at unique price!   More >

September 2016 г

Let's talk about HTTP/2

We try to keep up with the times and today would like not much to talk about HTTP/2. The HTTP Protocol was released in 1992. A Version of HTTP/1.1 which is used at this moment everywhere, was released in 1999. Since that time, the sites have changed greatly, the abundance of graphics code, various scripts have led to that sites page weigh a few megabytes, and the HTTP Protocol did not change. And that's just in the past year (2015) in the field of the Internet was a global event, they released the second version of the HTTP Protocol - HTTP/2. At the moment, this Protocol is already supported by popular web servers: apache and nginx.   More >