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September 2016 г

Riga / Latvia new location for VDS

Summer is over and everyone returns to business as usual. Well, we are glad to present a new location where you can now rent a VDS server. This is the fifth location. Now You can buy VDS server in Riga, capital of Latvia at DEAC data center.   More >

June 2016 г

ACTION! "Hot summer. Hot sales"

We have great news, but rather action. You have a great opportunity dear customers to rent a dedicated server based on two Intel Xeon 5620 for the unique price of 100$/month. The promotion is valid from 20 June to 20 July 2016. To order the service MSK DS Level 4 use promo code: 2x5620.
You agree not to send spam, as well as carrying out any attacks and Brutus.
Hurry up, the number of servers is limited.
  More >

May 2016 г

Shared hosting

Finally, we ended the active phase of configuring and testing a new service Virtual hosting. This service is intended for those who are just starting their journey in the world of web development. When ordering this service You have a customized site and You don't need to tune softwate to where you need system administration skills. The scale of charges provided by the tariff as one page site, and for more smaller portals or Internet shops.   More >

March 2016 г

SSL Certificates

Starting today You can purchase a SSL Certificates at very good price.   More >

March 2016 г

Domain registration

We are pleased to announce that it has launched a new service, the registration service domain names for Your sites. Registration is available for over 200 domain zones. The whole process of domain registration is fully automated. As an additional service available as service Privacy protection which allows you to hide the WHOIS information on the domain registration.   More >

March 2016 г

We opened

Today we opened the website to everyone. The website now is in a stage of open beta test. Everyone is welcome to participate. Internal systems tested and ready to work. At the moment, to order the following services are available   More >

February 2016 г

Closed beta test

At the moment there is a closed beta project. If You have any desire to help in this not easy business, please write to the post office   More >

February 2016 г

The start of the project

Dear friends! The start of the project scheduled for March 1, 2016. Now is to set up and debug all systems.   More >

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