Let's talk about HTTP/2

We try to keep up with the times and today would like not much to talk about HTTP/2. The HTTP Protocol was released in 1992. A Version of HTTP/1.1 which is used at this moment everywhere, was released in 1999. Since that time, the sites have changed greatly, the abundance of graphics code, various scripts have led to that sites page weigh a few megabytes, and the HTTP Protocol did not change. And that's just in the past year (2015) in the field of the Internet was a global event, they released the second version of the HTTP Protocol - HTTP/2. At the moment, this Protocol is already supported by popular web servers: apache and nginx.
Compared to the previous version of the Protocol, HTTP/2 provides the following important advantages:
- Security. The specs of the new version of the Protocol is not necessarily a requirement to have SSL. But browser vendors decided to implement HTTP/2 only for TLS connections.
- Multiplexing of requests. When one TCP connection, you can perform many requests.
- Compression of HTTP headers. When you download website scripts the server adds HTTP headers to them, which are now compressed.
- Prioritizing. Each request is assigned a priority that allows you to download the first some data.
- HTTP/2 binary. Allowing you to more effectively transmit the data.

All these innovations significantly accelerate the operation of the site. On this Our website, is working in new version Protocol - HTTP/2. We also advise You to carry Your projects to the new Protocol.

Sincerely Your ISPLevel.
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    September 2016 г