Price increase on VPS/VDS services

Dear customers!

For quite a long time our company has been providing VPS/VDS virtual servers with the same pricing policy and tariffs, namely, more than 5 years of stable price. We regret to inform you that our price for VPS/VDS and remote desktop has been increased up to 20%.

This decision is due to the fact that since last year the price of electricity for business and services has increased by up to 500%, which has undoubtedly affected the market for server services and the final cost of the product. In turn, we want to continue to maintain the level of quality and stability of our service that we provide you, but it has become an additional financial cost. We do not want it to affect your servers availability and operation in any way, that is why we have to increase VPS/VDS Rental price.
After all, the quality of our servers is the most important thing for us!

Below you can see the new prices for VPS/VDS
VDS Level 1 – 5.99$
VDS Level 2 – 10.99$
VDS Level 3 – 20.99$
VDS Level 4 – 41.99$
VDS Level 5 – 83.99$
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    September 2022 г