Two new locations and promo 1+1

Finally, in our latitudes, it's something like winter, and we hasten to warm You a new portion of news. We have launched two more locations for services VDS, but all in good time.

The first location USA / New Jersey. Geographically located in Secaucus, New York Colocation Facility operator XO Communications.
Data center is located not far from Manhattan. And has excellent connectivity with Western Europe and the United States. Projects focused on the audience of these countries recommend this location!

Second location is in Singapore. This location is geographically close to countries such as Australia, China, India and countries of South-East Asia. Therefore, has great connectivity with these regions and would be great for projects focused on this area.

This is the eighth location is now available to order from us. In this regard, I want to announce our new promotional campaign "1+1". Until the end of winter (February 28) when ordering a VDS since VDS Level 2 and above when you pay for any period from one month to one year, you will receive a 50% discount that will extend the service for another equivalent period. To participate in the campaign during order use the promo code: promo_1+1
Promotional code is valid for order in all locations!

With respect ISPLevel team
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    January 2018 г