New payment method - Tether USDT

Dear Clients!USDT Tether VPS/VDS

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new payment direction for paying for VDS/VPS Tether USDT services via the TRC20 network!

The gradual integration of cryptocurrency into our lives gives us more and more opportunities to pay for services and make purchases on the Internet. Our company is trying to keep up with the trend and we are pleased to inform you that we have launched the acceptance of Tether USDT payments.
You can now buy VPS/VDS with USDT Tether by simply entering our direct wallet number.

We also offer you such services as: buy VPS/VDS, buy a dedicated server and buy fast and cheap hosting in Ukraine. available for ordering for cryptocurrency.
You can pay with this currency through your personal account, in the section Finance - Payments.

*The minimum payment amount is $10 at the time of this news release.
**Payments are only accepted through the TRC20 network. If you choose another network - your funds will not be received.
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    May 2022 г